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We don't just

build a guitar

We create

a musical instrument

Why Archtops?

The dome-like shape of the wood creates a membrane that vibrates up and down with each strum. Much like a speaker, it amplifies the tones coming out of the guitar. An arched top must be balanced at every point and flexible enough to move correctly. Gypsy jazz player Bertino Rodman encouraged us to start building the archtop gypsy model combining our knowhow and his guidance.

We strive to create an instrument with the best tonality properties.


Dried woods 40 years old

Special figured

Top grade


Thin finish - in order to keep the wood's properties at their best.


All brass for best sound conductivity


High volume, Warm, clear overtones


We build our tools ourselves in order to get the most accurate and correct tool for each specific job.


We check each guitar thoroughly and approve it  only after we are certain  it meets our excruciating quality standards and the requirements of the customer. 


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You can talk to us about your guitar desires

We will create a guitar that's just right for you, customized to fulfil your dreams 


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