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Bertino Rodman Models

We offer three models of Gypsy guitar:

Gypsy Arch top Eucalyptus series: Made of premium 40 year-old Eucalyptus wood.  

Gypsy Premium arched top:

The premium series is all about choosing beautiful tops and backs with custom inlays, binding and sound hole-rosettes of different woods.

The „Maple series“ is the most affordable one of the „Model Bertino“ series. Made from beautiful selected maple woods for back and sides (tiger, flamed or birds eye available), with an arched top designed from solid spruce.

The "Model Bertino series" have been designed in collaboration with Bertino Rodmann to create a highly classed gypsy-jazz guitar that has been inspired by the famous Busato Guitars

Creating the best of both worlds the Old and the New

The "Dreamer series“ is a fully customized guitar, based on the „Model
Bertino series“. You choose the wood, personal inlays and more and we
will make your dreams come true to create your own "Model Bertino
series“ model.

CdB_Bertino_2018 LIGHT.jpg
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