polak's pickup lab

Edi has worked day & night in order to make the best pickup specifically for Gypsy Jazz guitars.

With his experience in electrical engineering, he mange to create the clearest and most pronounced pickup for a gypsy guitar, but there is more to it, it's not enough to make the best pickup on it's own, you have to make it work with the guitar it is mounted on. The benefit of having a pickup at the same workshop where the guitar is made is getting it balanced and fitted perfectly to the instrument it mounted on. 

Every pickup Edi creates is a little bit different then the other in order to make it right to your specific instrument. 

Installing the pickup on your own non Polak instrument: We can adjust the pickup to your needs, just let us know what guitar do you own and we'll ask you for a few details in order to understand what suits you. 

Price: 280 Euro