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About Polak Guitars

Who is Edward Polak? 

Edward Polak grew up in Belarus and started building his first guitar at the age of 15 he traded it for a bike!

Ever since, he has been building guitars of many kinds: electric, bass, acoustic and Gypsy.

Edward used the knowledge he gained over 25 years of building musical instruments to establish his own company in Russia and later in Israel.  His company was previously known as ERG is now Polak Guitars, proudly bearing the master luthier's name. 

Why Polak Guitars?


 With over 25 years in the field, we have gained a level of expertise that allows us to perfect our work, raise it to a premium level  and impart  the highest qualities to our creations.

We never compromise on materials, hardware, tools or even the smallest screw. 

Our stock of woods was dried in the best climates of Israel for at least ten years. 

Every guitar undergoes thorough quality inspection to make sure you get the best instrument you ever held. 

"This guitar is like a friend! I know everything about my instrument – what it was made of, who made it, where and how it was made.
I trust it like a dear friend; real feelings. This guitar has a soul! I understood that the more I play it, the more I want to play it.
Just like a real friendship – it will only become stronger as years go by"


Dmitriy Chetvergov

“My Israeli custom-made Polak/ERG gives me the ability to combine all of my playing styles
Such diversity is achieved due to the incredible properties of wood that has a unique ability to accurately react to changes in sound extraction, and is a key value for ERG Custom Guitars”

Dmitriy Maloletov

"The precision of their attention to details and the piece of soul that is granted to every guitar by the crafter makes me look at their instrument in a different way"

Igor Sandler

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