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Bertino Rodmann, born into an artist family, he started playing the guitar at the age of 13.

Bertino started the guitar teaching himself in the mid 1970´s by learning just listening to the great guitar-players of this era, Blues-Legends like B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Roy Buchanan or Rock-guitarrists like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Richie Blackmore or Carlos Santana, just to name a few.


After many experiences in uncountable Live Bands and working as studio-musician in the following years, Bertino discovered a record of the legendary „Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France“ in the early 1980´s. From that day on „Jazz-Manouche“, the music of guitar legend Django Reinhardt and his footage has become a very important issue in his life.


Meanwhile Bertino is a well trained and experienced musician of this genre, himself taking part on workshops with Gypsy-Legends like Romane, Stochelo Rosenberg and Angelo DeBarre, as well as learning from his friends among other Sinti-musicians.


Since 2007 Bertino is holding Workshops- / Masterclasses for Gypsyjazz-Guitar, and in 2011 released the Guitar-Methodbook „Gypsyjazz Guitar - a Tribute to Gypsyjazz“ with worldwide distribution by Alfred Music Publishing (Cologne), in german and english Language (ISBN 978-3-933136-86-2).


After many years of training and learning he is often playing alongside with some of the best GypsyMusicians worldwide such as Lulo Reinhardt, Jordan Weiss or Fapy Lafertin, as well as his own band „Coeur du Bois“ and other music-projects

Bertino et „Coeur du Bois“ - Le bois de résonance, c‘est le coeur d‘un arbre qui parle au coeur d‘un homme - Die Resonanz des Holzes ist das Herz eines Baumes welches durch das Herz des Musikers spricht

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