Yaakov Hoter is the guiding light of Israel's Gypsy swing scene.  His lifelong enthusiasm for music, guitar and Django Reinhardt's unique take on both have led him to establish an online school that is a fantastic tool that opens up this music to learners who are eager for understandable and practical lessons and to establish and maintain a Gypsy jazz trio,  Swing-de-Gitanes that gives local fans a chance to hear live interpretations and expansions on the style and acts as a magnet for guest musicians from Israel and abroad.

Yaakov came to us with his dream of building a superior yet affordable Gypsy jazz guitar right here in Israel and Edward Polak jumped at the opportunity, throwing all his gusto, skill and persistence into the challenge. Yaakov accompanied every step of the development and production process, constantly exchanging and testing ideas, trying out Edward's prototypes and early versions, suggesting changes and resources and pushing us towards the current Yaakov Hoter models that provide great sound, comfort, ease and affordability.

"It's an amazing experience to be involved in the design, development and production of my signature model of Gypsy Swing guitars, with the enthusiastic cooperation of luthier, Edward Polak, and the wonderful team at Polak guitars.

It makes me so happy to be able to realize another aspect of my dream of spreading Django's music, having found sympathetic ears and hands right here in Israel, willing to devote time and energy into research and learning just what I have in mind for sound, comfort and affordability and anxious to discover new ways to constantly improve the instrument." – Yaakov Hoter

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