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We designed our unique archtop guitar for the express purpose of combining the best characteristic of the classic archtop guitar with those of the Gypsy jazz guitar. 


The result is a winning blend that retains the high volume of the Gypsy guitar, using the elegant mechanics of its large body shape, tailpiece and steel strings.


The unique feature that we are particularly proud of is the blend between a magnetic neck pickup and a piezo electric

bridge pickup. 


This instrument gives you the leeway to sound authentic in a variety of styles because of the unprecedented capabilities of the blended pickups. 

You'll get amazing  true sound playing blues, Gypsy jazz and whatever style tickles your fancy.

This guitar is also lightweight and comfortable to play seated or standing with a strap.


We aim to preserve the traditional aesthetics of the original archtop design, while enhancing it with innovative elements in body structure, adjustable Gypsy style bridge, unique hand-made inlays and the “Magniezo” pickup system.


Shipping: 120 Euro

Case: not included

Price without VAT and import taxes